LaSalle Engine Breezewood, PA 15533 is a recognized provider of engine re-manufacturing of engines and powerplants for industrial and transportation equipment, and a builder of custom stock car and racing engines located at 200 South Breezewood Road Breezewood PA 15533. LaSalle Engine provides great customer service and attention to detail. LaSalle Engine re-manufacturers serve customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and nearby towns of McConnellsburg PA, Chambersburg PA, Hagerstown MD and Bedford PA businesses seeking engine re-building services

With more than 100 years of combined experience, LaSalle Engine is noted for our willingness to 'go the extra mile' for complete customer satisfaction!

That goal of always going the extra mile means we are engine builders who exchange our hard work in return for a product that will always exceed your expectations, and that we deliver work unequaled in cost, time and performance.

Our one shop does it all: Large industrial engines, to small gas engines, to racing and classic car engines – even engines for marine applications.

Our engine rebuilding services combined with a custom machine shop also means we can handle those unique jobs that many of our competitors will not.

Our goal: To give you the best value for your time and money!

Our Business Hours

Monday – Friday:  8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
       Saturday – Sunday:  CLOSED

We stake our reputation on every job we do, and back our work 100%. That business ethic dates back to our family's start in the automotive service business in the late 1960s. We've been rebuilding engines and involved in the ReMan business longer than most similar businesses located in the United States!

Our reputation for quality precedes us each day in our dealings in our local community, with our church and with our neighbors. We value your business now, and in the future.


Phone: 814-735-3837  

Fax: 814-735-3845  


Call us today for your rebuilding, ordering and installation needs: (814) 735-3837

Dyno Service Available



​​O.E.M. engine Remanufacturing – custom racing engines – stock engine repair – overhaul

Over Three Decades of Professional Service On All Types of Engines Such As:

  • Industrial - all makes
  • Agricultural
  • Aerial Lift (JLG, Genie, etc)
  • Heavy Truck Diesel and gas
  • Passenger and Light truck
  • Stock and Racing Engines
  • Marine
  • Motorcycle