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A Re-Manufactured John Deere 4.5L Engine

Wear parts like pistons, rings, gaskets and bearings are discarded.

We thoroughly test reclaimed components at this stage to ensure they can be brought back to new OE specification or better. Testing includes wet Magnaflux, pressure testing, dimensional measuring and preliminary testing of all surfaces.

This is where we turn old into new again, using the latest technology, cutting-edge machinery and 29+ years of engineering know-how. During this process, we take into account every available update and improvement to ensure our product functions better than new.

Each re-manufactured engine is assembled according to our quality-management system’s documented work instructions. Assembling engines from memory can cause inconsistent quality, and we won't allow it. 

We also pride ourselves on designing and building these types of engines - and we can easily and quickly handle the parts ordering process for you:

  • Stock and Racing Engines
  • Rebuilt Short Blocks

Final Test
Our complete engine assemblies are fully tested using live-run test stands. All critical engine parameters are tested at this time by our highly trained technicians. You’ll even get an engine ‘birth certificate’ that shows you the test results! We test for the following: correct timing, correct valve train setup, compression, oil pressure, oil flow, vibration, knocking or unusual noises, and fluid leaks. 

engine Services

‘Close Enough’ Does Not Apply to Replacement Engines! 

Engine configuration varies between vehicles, so correct identification is crucial to ensure you receive the correct product. With our experienced staff and a comprehensive cataloging system, you know you’ll get the right product the first time.

Engine Dismantle, Cataloging and Parts Inventorying
Engines are carefully dismantled and cataloged for the machining process. Once the engine is dismantled, all reclaimed parts are tagged and kept as a group so they can be built back into the same engine block. This method of manufacturing ensures tight quality control and a better finished product.

​​O.E.M. engine Remanufacturing – custom racing engines – stock engine repair – overhaul

From large industrial engines, to small gas engines,

racing and classic car engines – and even engines for marine applications.

Our engine rebuilding services (combined with a custom machine shop) means we can handle those unique jobs that many of our competitors can not.

We know our way around many of the popular makes and models of engines – with an added emphasis on engines found in top industrial or transportation equipment.

As a long-standing authorized rebuilding center for the world's leading maker of self-powered aerial lifts, we're especially well-versed in these makes and models:

Ford Industrial Engines

Such popular engines as LRG-423, LRG-425EFI, LRG 425, 

LSG-423, VSG-411, and VSG-413.

Deutz Diesel Engines

Including Deutz's popular F3L912, F4L912, F6L912, F3L1011F, 3M1011,F3L1011F, F4M1011, F4M1011F,F4M2011 and BF4M2011 engines.

We're also highly experienced in the Re-Man and re-building of any of these leading powerplants as well: