The LaSalle Engine

Performance Proven'RACESAVER 305' Racing Engine

Price: $20,500.00

  • Race prepped Dart 305 Block
  • Forged Crankshaft
  • New Brodix Racesaver Head
  • 5.7 Scat Rods
  • Mahle Pistons
  • Custom Ground Camshaft
  • Race Main and Rod Bearings
  • Complete Engler Fuel Injection System
  • Dyno Super Tuned
  • Racesaver Series Sealed and Certified​​!

This engine is race ready – includes all top shelf components 

Don’t be fooled by gimmicky 'low ball' pricing that doesn’t include

all of these quality and tested components!  

If you want to WIN, this is the engine you need!

Contact us to talk more about the performance you've

been missing without the Racesaver 305!

we build the performance you need to win!

LaSalle's Highly Reliable 305 'Race Saver' Sprint Car Engine

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