George Dixon -Modified Feature Winner Hesston (PA) Saturday July 2, 2022.

we build the performance you need to win!

Drake Troutman - Super Late Model Feature Winner  Mud Lick Valley Raceway (KY), Sunday July 3, 2022

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VP Racing Fuel      ​Methanol (sealed Drums)         Wix Filters         

    Outerwear in many colors for breathers and air cleaners 

Custom Scott Plug Wires        Klotz Additive

Nate Smith - Semi Late Feature Winner  Marion Center (PA) Saturday July 2, 2022


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​​O.E.M. engine Remanufacturing – custom racing engines – stock engine repair – overhaul

We carry a full line of Champion Racing Oil Products. We highly recommend Champion brand 20-50 Semi Synthetic Racing oil and 15-50 Full Synthetic Racing Oil for use in all racing and pre emissions high performance engines that we build.

We stock Champion Racing Gear Oil, Power Steering and Brake fluids, Cold Blue Additive and Champion Power Shield Break In Oil.

In Stock - Champion Blue Flame Diesel Oil is perfect for all highway trucks and is superior for use in tractor pulling applications. 

For newer cars we carry Champion Modern Muscle motor Oil

Performance Proven'RACESAVER 305' Racing Engine

Race Ready - All top shelf Components

  • Race prepped Dart 305 Block
  • Custom Forged Crankshaft
  • New Brodix Racesaver Head
  • Custom Forged Rods
  • Custom Pistons
  • Custom Ground Camshaft
  • Race Main and Rod Bearings
  • Complete Engler Fuel Injection System
  • Dyno Super Tuned
  • Racesaver Series Sealed and Certified​​!

Contact us  to talk more about our Racesaver 305!